Book Review: The Part-Time Vegan by Cherise Grifoni

The Part-Time Vegan

Summary — In her book The Part-Time Vegan, Cherise Grifoni explains the basics of a vegan diet, and provides over 200 recipes. The book begins with helpful tips on adopting a vegan diet. Grifoni encourages readers to try a “flexitarian” approach–in other words, not necessarily all vegan, all the time. She adds a glossary of ingredients, as well as information on animal products that may be hidden in some foods.

From salad dressings to main dishes to desserts, this book contains recipes to suit every taste. To start your day, try “Easy Breakfast Blackberry Bread Pudding”. For lunch, how about “Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup” or “Chili for Those Who’d Rather Not Cook”? Finish the day with one pf the meal plans at the end of the book — “Cashew Cream of Asparagus Soup” for an appetizer, “Sweet Stuffed Butternut Squash” for the main course, followed by “Ginger Spice Cookies”.

Discussion — I appreciate Cherise Grifoni’s advice to try a “part-time” vegan diet. This book, with its flexible approach, will encourage readers who may be reluctant to make permanent, dramatic changes to their diets.  The recipes and ingredients are do-able and accessible. Anyone who is not familiar with ingredients such as nutritional yeast or seitan will feel at ease with the explanations in this book. The meal plans are appealing and straightforward. As someone who has eaten and cooked vegetarian/vegan foods for 20 years, I recommend this book for novices and long-tine vegans alike.

FTC Disclosure — I received my copy of The Part-Time Vegan free of charge from Thomas Nelson Publishers via, in return for writing a review. I was not obligated to write a positive review. All opinions stated in this review are my own.


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