Multitude Monday #7- 13

Lots of reasons for gratitude, so I’ll start my list right away…please join us and link up at A Holy Experience !

7) During my morning walk with my mom, we noticed small, fluffy purple flowers in the grass. I wish I could show you an image, but my cell phone didn’t take a good picture. Any way, I’ve never seen such flowers — they look like a cross between thistles and dandelions that have gone to seed. As always, my mom paused to take in the sweet view. Thanks, mom, for teaching me to recognize the simple, sometimes overlooked miracles.

8.) I love to look at the field across the road…so peaceful in the morning, in the sunshine.

9) Just set out pizza dough to rise. I love the aromas of the bread-baking process — from the yeasty smells as I knead, to the comforting smell of the bread baking.

10) My husband is embracing healthier foods, and loves to cook, too!

11) Our neighbor alerted us to the presence of a large – I mean LARGE — tarantula in our flower pot. Thank God for good neighbors!

12) Our drought is at least keeping the cricket population under control. Last summer, following a rainy spring, we had a cricket population explosion that had to be seen to be believed!

13) The partial cloud cover may keep our South Texas temperatures below 100 degrees today. Hope so!

Have a blessed week, friends!


12 Replies to “Multitude Monday #7- 13”

  1. A Tarantula! Yikes.

    Last time I went down to the the RGV, I found one of those huge scarb beetles on my foot. I’ve never seen them before in the Valley, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the heat…

    1. Well, Jennifer, the heat has been extreme lately. My husband has lived in TX for 40 years, and this was the first time he had seen a tarantula — hopefully the last, lol! Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  2. I thank God for my lovely wife and the fact her love is so beautiful as her heart embraces all that Love has created and I am the fortunate one to be blessed with her friendship, true humility, strength, and wisdom. You are positively a humble, holy woman, Judith and I love you dearly.

    Your Truly Devoted Husband,

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