My Husband: Staying Creative

Meet my husband John -- woodcarver and poet!

Do you have a minute? I just have to share a great link with you…it happens to be my husband John’s woodcarving blog, called Woodgraphyx Design & Carving Studio! Do pay a visit to this blog,in which John shares step-by-step posts and images of his carving projects. Lately, as I work at my computer in the living room, John is a few feet away, working on our dining room table. He regularly posts updates to this project on his blog.

John at work on our dining room table

Whether it’s furniture or a plaque, John’s subject matter ranges from spiritual to nature to folk art. He sometimes adds color to carved objects — paint, stain, even colored ink. He’ll tell you more about it, and add some insight and encouragement, at his blog. Do drop in and see what’s new! Oh, and you’ll want to visit his original poetry blog, Poetry: Wellspring of the Soul. As my husband likes to say, “Stay creative!!”

John adds color to some of his carvings

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