Five Minute Friday: Home

Thanks once again to The Gypsy Mama for hosting Five Minute Friday. Each week, we write for five minutes — no editing — from a prompt. This week’s prompt is “home”…won’t you join us?

This prompt led me to write about just that…home 🙂 It’s a loving snapshot of five minutes in a writer’s home…here it is:

“The bread’s almost done!!”

I can’t talk right now, I’m writing my Five-Minute Friday post…

“I think the cat wants something…”

“Is that the UPS truck?”

“The bread smells like it’s burning!!”

“Did you water the plants?”

Just a minute, I’m writing…

“Um, somebody needs to check the bread…”

“It IS the UPS truck!!”

“Is anyone answering the door?”

“Want me to check the bread?”

“Where did the cat go?”

“Are you listening?”





10 Replies to “Five Minute Friday: Home”

  1. That was a fun post, Judith! Reminds me of being at my daughter’s house with her trying to do something and the kids coming and going and something always happening. Good description of happy chaos!

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