Multitude Monday: 14-18

Lately, I have been turning my attention toward creativity — writing poetry and short stories, and working on pastels. Here is a photo of my work in progress — a pastel of Mission San Jose in San Antonio, Texas. My husband and I visited the Mission Trail two years ago, just after I moved to Texas for our wedding.

Working from a photo of Mission San Jose

My husband has encouraged me to share my creative gifts — a wonderful thought as we ponder Multitudes on Monday at A Holy Experience!

My list for this week:

14) My pastel sets — I have a set of chalks and a set of pencils, and love the feel of the powdery chalks on my fingers!

15) My new counselor, who takes a Christ-centered, spiritual approach to each session.

16) My husband’s continued improving health.

17) Times spent in the kitchen cooking with my husband or my mom. We all love vegetarian dishes, and all love to cook new foods!

18) Book review opportunities — I’ll soon get paid to read books and write about them — how fun is that??

That’s my list for this week…please join us and share yours!


13 Replies to “Multitude Monday: 14-18”

  1. Dear Judith,

    I dropped by here today from Ann’s. This is quite a diverse site and I see you have won awards for your efforts. Congratulations!

    I read a few of your past posts. I know I will be back here again.

    God bless you,

  2. Wow! Your drawing looks wonderful. I love the Theresa of Avila quote on your about page and your thoughts after it. I had to share it on my FB page.

  3. I am only thankful for our great God bringing you and I together dearest love, Judith!!
    These last 2 years have been my best. I love you dearly!

    Your Devoted Husband,

  4. That is a wonderful thought – to think about sharing one’s creative gifts. I think that sometimes I feel like I’m being selfish because I love to read and write but I find that these creative outlets help me be the person God has created me to be.

    Congrats on being the blogger spotlight of the week on Ruby for Women!

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