Multitude Monday: 31-34

As summer winds down here in South Central Texas, we are blessed with unexpected abundance.  What better week to come back from a summer blogging break and return to Multitude Monday? Won’t you join us at A Holy Experience and share your gratitude list?

Here’s mine:

31. Rain! Texas has endured historical drought and heat during this summer. As much as 90 per cent of the state is in the midst of “exceptional” drought, which is the most severe classification, and prospects for rain have been bleak. But this weekend, the San Antonio area received up to 7 inches of rain — in small increments, thank God! For the first time in weeks, my husband and I heard birds chirping outside our window yesterday. During our morning walk, my mom and I watched sparrows drinking and splashing in puddles. The moisture is still in the air, and we may in fact have more rain this afternoon and evening.

32. New clothes for free. Well, not exactly new, but thanks to scissors, needle and thread, a blue, long-sleeve top that was too big is now a sleeveless vest that I can layer or wear by itself. I guess I should add that I’m thankful that the old top was too big! Here it is,with a t-shirt ready for layering:

A little creativity plus advice from mom equals a "new" top 🙂

32. The bees are back. Honey bees, that is. These pollinators, which have been vanishing from the wild, make many of our food crops possible. I wrote about it a while back  in my post We Need the Bees. Yesterday we saw and heard dozens of honey bees hard at work, humming and pollinating an ornamental olive tree near the apartment complex. I’m guessing that they’re from a privately-owned hive up the road. What a cheerful, life-affirming addition to this rain-blessed weekend! I can’t share an image of the bees because they were in constant motion, but here is the tree:

This olive tree was blessed with busy, pollinating honey bees yesterday!

33. Lots of writing assignments. After a freelance drought that nearly matched the lack of rain, assignments are pouring in and keeping me busy. And paid. 🙂 Thank you Lord for your provision!

34. An all-around beautiful weekend of shared dreams, prayers and creativity. Not to mention my husband’s chicken soup, which chased away any remnants of this persistent cold we’ve all had. Nope, no picture of the soup, either — didn’t last long enough!

Hope you’ll share your list, too. Have a wonderful week!


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