Thankful Thursday: No Way Out?


Thank you to Iris at Grace Alone for hosting Thankful Thursday in December. Won’t you join us?

Sometimes we can feel as though we are trapped by our emotions. Sadness or anxiety can form walls around us that are as real as as any prison. A couple of days ago, stress had me boxed in on all sides, and it seemed as if there was no way out. The saddest part of all? I had forgotten that I am never at the mercy of my emotions, and that my Comfort is with me at all times.

On this Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for a moment of peace and joy that I know was a gift from the Lord. We recently moved to a new apartment complex, which has a spacious lounge with overstuffed chairs and high, sunlit ceilings. I often take my computer to the lounge and write, listen to music, and drink hot chocolate or cappuccino.

On this particular stressed-out day, as I sat in the lounge and threw myself into my work in an intense effort to forget my troubles, a recording of the Little Drummer Boy began to play. It wasn’t just any recording — it was the Harry Simeone Chorale’s recording, which my parents used to play at Christmas. Tears of relief came as I was transported back in time, to winter evenings when I sat at the kitchen table with my parents and listened to that Christmas album. As I sat with my laptop, I even smelled the Christmas cookies baking in my mother’s kitchen, and sensed the childhood excitement of Christmas Eve. I thanked God that my mother is still here to enjoy the holiday with me, and that I now have a loving husband and a beautiful home.

When Peter was in a physical prison, waiting to be executed, his friends gathered together and prayed. The chains fell from Peter’s hands after an angel of the Lord raised him up. (Acts 12:7) I know that the continuing prayer of my own friends and family sustain me. We are never truly alone or trapped by our emotions. I thank the Lord for giving me that sweet moment to remind me that joy and peace  are always with me, even in stressful times.



9 Replies to “Thankful Thursday: No Way Out?”

  1. Your words echo the hearts of many others, particularly during the stress of the holidays. Little issues seem larger surrounded by reminders that we should all be happy this time of year, that all our troubles should go away just because it is Christmas. This unhealthy view of the holidays leads to even more stress and unhappiness. I know your situation was not holiday related, it just reminded me of the added pressure of the season. I was once trapped in keeping up with all the traditions of the season, to the point of exhaustion, and came to tread the spacial time of year. As you pointed out so beautifully, the Kingdom of God is within us, not our circumstances. Beautiful, Judith, simply beautiful.

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