Multitude Monday: 40-46

This weekend there were bittersweet reasons for gratitude. On Saturday, my husband John said goodbye to a friend from high school — known as Rusty — who had passed on after a long struggle with cancer. His friend is home with the Lord now, and as one of John’s friends said, Rusty is more alive now than before. I did not know John’s friend personally, but I got to know him through all the stories that were told at the funeral. I came home that afternoon with joy in my heart and many reasons for gratitude. Here is my list for this week:

40) I met many of John’s friends this weekend, and was blessed to feel so welcomed, even though I have known John for only three years.

41) John found the strength to speak at the funeral with poise and grace. As the first speaker at the funeral, he recounted a story, from his high school years, of an adventure with Rusty. The story gave Rusty’s friends the chance to laugh and reminisce, and was the first of many stories shared that morning.

42) I had the chance to see John reconnect with his friends after many years — the beginning of a time of healing.

43) John is becoming healthier every day, in every way! It’s a blessing to see my husband enjoying life more and more.

44) After a day of struggle with cedar pollen allergies, my head is clearer today. May actually accomplish a few things!

45) John’s aunt is recovering after a brief illness this weekend. Our prayers are with her and John’s mom, who was able to catch up on her sleep last night!

46) I heard the first in a series of messages by Max Lucado, based on the story of Joseph. I look forward to weeks more of this series.

Please join us at A Holy Experience with your gratitude list. Have a wonderful week!


4 Replies to “Multitude Monday: 40-46”

  1. Thank you Judith for being so sensitive, not only for my sake, but for my friend Rusty as well. We had some fun times together and I will miss him very much.

    Thanks very, very much, dear.

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