Betcha Didn’t Know…

Well, it’s the final week of the 6 Weeks of Bliss Challenge! This week, the challenge is to list 5 things about us that may surprise our readers. Well, here goes:

1.   When I was in the 6th grade, I was my school’s spelling bee champ — and first runner up in the New Hampshire State Regionals. After it was over, I promptly forgot everything I studied!

2.   I’m a classically trained violinist, but in my late teens and early twenties, I was a semi-professional folk singer, songwriter and fiddler. Even got to sing on New Hampshire Public Radio…now that was fun!

3.   In 2004, after my father and grandparents had passed away, my mother and I sold most of our belongings, left New Hampshire, and drove across the country.  We went as far as Las Vegas, turned east again, and ended up living in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ until 2009, where we worked — and lived for a while — at a shelter for women and children.

4.   When I was little, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was an astronaut. This dream was shattered when I discovered that I would need to take a lot of math courses!!

5.    I want to take horseback riding lessons. I have said this for years, and one day, I will do it!

There, that wasn’t so bad! Won’t you join us with your list at 6 Weeks of Bliss?



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