Superpower Day — HAWMC Day 3

Superpower Day. If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

I am curious about so many things, I could really use a superpower to learn new things instantly! As a freelance writer, I’m always researching as efficiently as possible, while trying not to leave anything out. In my personal life, I would love to understand my own health issues and those of my family. My dream superpower would give me the ability to comfortably download information to my brain and enable me to know what to do with no question marks whatsoever!

Article deadline is looming? No worries, no pressure, just shift into mega-learning mode and write like the wind.

I’d know in an instant whether I should worry about my racing pulse.

I’d have the perfect soothing words immediately for that 2:00 am call from a distraught friend.

Of course, every superpower has an Achilles heel. Mine would probably be exhaustion! I guess it’s best to hold onto the uncertainty and good intentions that make us human. Anyway, push-button learning just wouldn’t be fun anymore! And my friend who calls at 2 am wants me to listen, not to have instant answers. And my racing heart? That’s just evidence that I need to slow down — not speed up. So just I’ll listen, read, write, hug, cry, laugh and be myself…and let God handle the details.

What’s your dream superpower? Join us at


2 Replies to “Superpower Day — HAWMC Day 3”

  1. Very good article Judith! I would not have imagined the super-power you chose which is what made this article so interesting. Very nicely written. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, John! The superpower I wrote about would sure come in handy when I’m burning the midnight oil writing! Thanks for visiting and commenting…stay creative! 🙂

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