Health Haiku — HAWMC Day 6

Day 6

Write a haiku about your health focus (or condition).

Before I wrote this haiku, I meditated on the profound changes taking place during perimenopause and menopause. I reflected on the sensations — physical, emotional and spiritual — that accompany menopause. Since my personal health focus has been on menopause and the heart, I decided to write about that topic. I find it beneficial to meditate in this way before any type of health writing — not just poetry. You can join us Activist Writer’s Month Challenge here   Here’s my haiku:

The Pause, by Judith C Evans

a skipped beat flutters

wise blood pausing on its way

lives another day



2 Replies to “Health Haiku — HAWMC Day 6”

  1. I like this Haiku, Judith! It speaks volumes in terms of Nature’s way of reminding you what is Sacred in this life. An amazing attribute for women. I really like the 2nd line,”wise blood pausing on its way,” tells me the womb should inherently and always be considered a Sacred place. Thanks for sharing such meaning and depth in this Haiku.

    1. Thank you, John, for such a kind and supportive comment! Yes, I believe that for too long, menopause has practically been viewed as an illness, rather than the sacred time that it really is.

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