Best Conversation This Week — HAWMC Day 8

Day 8
Best conversation I had this week

This conversation took place this afternoon. It may seem like an ordinary conversation, but it’s part of the healing process that comes with finally having the chance to do some fun things for myself…like buying a pair of new shoes! Won’t you join us at the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge at this link

Cast: Me, John (my husband)

Setting: Our living room. I sit with my laptop in my usual chair next to the terrace door. John sits at his table in front of his computer, facing the wall at the other side of the room.

John (checking emails): What are you working on?

Me: Researching. (I clear my throat) Shoes. Researching shoes.

John: That’s great! It’s about time you bought something for yourself!

Me: Well, I do need to get a new battery for my computer…

John: I think you should order some shoes.

Me (Scrolling through a page of bright colored ballet flats): There is a pair I’d like to get…I’ll show you.

(I unplug the computer and carry it over to John)

Me: See, they’re blue faux snakeskin. I have a lot of clothes that would go with them. Or maybe (scrolling back) I should get these red ones (pointing to my purse next to my chair). They’d go with the red in my purse.

John: That’s up to you. I like the blue ones.

(I have already sat back down and pulled my debit card out of my purse)

Me: I just ordered the blue ones.

John: Well you’ve put it off long enough. You need to get some new clothes, too.

(I had already clicked onto

Me: That’s next. Shirts and jeans. Maybe a skirt and a new bag.




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