Letter to 16-Year-Old Me — Day 10 of HAWMC

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Day 10

Dear 16-year-old-me. Write a letter to yourself at age 16. What would you tell yourself? What would you make your younger self aware of?

Dear me,

You already know everything, but it doesn’t hurt to have a glimpse into your future self, does it? There are many wonderful days ahead of you — and some not so wonderful. But look, you’re still here at age — gulp — fifty, and going strong!You know what, you’re married! Yes, you who never had a date in high school — you are married to a fellow writer and artist who is also your best friend. That should keep you going!

Those allergies will get better. In fact, you’ll be free of the wheezing in another year or two. College will be a happier experience than high school, but don’t let the difficult years after that discourage you. No matter what happens, take time to do the things that give you joy — sing, draw, plant your garden, and write, write, write. You’ll need the practice, because after you’ve lived through the challenging years, you’re going to be a professional writer. Just like you always wanted! But please, honor your commitments to yourself…for your heart’s sake.

Can I tell you something? Promise you’ll stay positive, because everything will turn out beautifully.

Here goes. Your worst fear, I remember, is that you will become homeless, right? Wait, come back! Listen to me: it will be a blessing beyond your wildest imagination. While recovering from your homeless adventure, you will travel, find the deepest friendships you’ve ever had, and you will be led into the arms of the man you are going to marry.

You will have joys and heartaches in the years to come, but you will discover a deep faith that will sustain you and nourish you. You will have to discover that for yourself, but let me tell you, yo will come to know a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Now tuck this letter into your memory, and take it out and read it whenever you need to. You’re gonna be alright, trust me!





6 Replies to “Letter to 16-Year-Old Me — Day 10 of HAWMC”

  1. This was a fascinating post Sweetheart! I love how you pulled your strengths together and saw the light. Beautifully written and Yes! God does have a purpose for you. A beautiful purpose…. Stay strong and we will enjoy the best years of our lives together, and with He whom has created us. Love,

  2. Wow – you spent some time homeless? It really must have been empowering to have experienced and survived your greatest fear. I would love to hear more.
    Another good blog topic: “What is your greatest fear?”

  3. Very powerful, Judith. Without faith we would all be lost during those dark times, and haven’t we all had them in one form or another? Interesting how sometimes it is our worst fears that bring about the biggest blessings. Wonderfully written, Judith.

    1. Isn’t it fascinating how our fears can be the flipside of our deepet desires? How I wish I had thought about that during those dark years. Thank you for your kind words, Cecilia!

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