Learned the Hard Way — HAWMC Day 17

Day 17

Learned the Hard Way. What’s a lesson you learned the hard way? Write about it for 15 today.

I have accompanied family members to doctor’s appointments and encouraged loved ones to keep their appointments. Worried for their well-being, I often turned a deaf ear when they shared their frustrations about being subjected to more poking, prodding, questions and instructions.

Now I am seeing with my own eyes and feeling with my own heart those same frustrations. I have recently been scheduled for several tests after a long absence from doctor’s offices. I’d love to have an uninterrupted week without anxiety, waiting, wondering and waiting some more. One result came in today with good news. Two more to go, including an upcoming stress test. I join my loved ones sitting in waiting rooms, comparing notes and sharing encouragement.

What lesson have I learned? I pray that I’ve learned not to assume that I’m exempt from health “stuff”. Not to take good health for granted. To fully believe it when someone shares how difficult it is, how tired they are. A wise woman I know told me that we keep going around that mountain until we learn what we’re supposed to learn. I embrace this chance that God has given me to walk with my loved ones and share this journey toward better health. I pray that God will open my eyes, ears and heart to receive whatever lessons are in store.


There, I’ve written for 15 minutes! If you like, you can join the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and share your blog posts for each day’s prompt. Hope to see you there!


6 Replies to “Learned the Hard Way — HAWMC Day 17”

  1. Yes, good health is taken for granted, until it is taken away. I hope all your tests come out well. I loved the saying about going round and round the mountain until we get it right. I have often thought of it as a spiral staircase. I go around and around, but steadily climbing toward higher ground. Great post, Judith.

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