We All Need a Mother

I am doubly blessed this Mother’s Day…triply blessed, actually! I have a wonderful mother who is also a a true friend, and a caring mother-in-law. As my husband has shared his love for the Catholic faith with me, I have gotten to know more about Mary and her role in my life. I respect the woman who gave birth to and raised Jesus as a loving, spiritual mother to us all. I love the fact that May is the month of Mother’s Day and the month that the Catholic Church has chosen to honor Mary.

As a non-Catholic, I have heard many admonitions against “worshiping” Mary. In fact, so many of us go so far out of our way to avoid worshiping Mary that we come close to ignoring her. But Mary’s sacrifice and central role in the Gospel deserves our gratitude and love — two things which are not the same as worship. I have a Heavenly Father, whom we freely acknowledge and rightfully worship. As I have paid more attention to Mary and her tender yet fierce heart, I find that I must include her in my walk with Jesus. As a woman, I acknowledge and embrace the sacred feminine — and the fact that God created both man and woman.

We all need a mother to begin life. Why can’t we acknowledge a spiritual mother who loved our Savior? Just saying…



5 Replies to “We All Need a Mother”

  1. Wonderfully and blessed post you have composed here Judith!! This is a wonderful day approaching us, Mother’s Day, and all mothers should be blessed with that which they cherish the most, love and family. And Mary, I am incredibly excited for you to have witnessed for Christ the blessings rendered for that of his mother, our spiritual mother, Mary! This is a great day, indeed!

    Mary brings us the Word made flesh with her simple, “Yes!” End of story. I am so proud of you and love you dearly for expressing your humbled heart and the essence of your love and devotion to Mother Mary.

    Peace Be With You!

  2. You have nailed it, Judith! You are so right. She is the model for all Mothers. I think of her during the Passion. I can only imagine her pain. Then, her rejoicing at Easter. Timely and well written, Judith!

  3. What a wonderful and loving Mother we have in Mary. This is truly a wonderful post. She is the one who called me to the Catholic Church. You can read story in my pages at http://bearingheavycrosses.wordpress.com I am very devoted to our Lady. Thank you for posting this, and I am sure our Blessed Mother thanks you as well. God Bless, SR

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