Multitude Monday: 61-65

Happy Monday! Won’t you join us in gratitude at A Holy Experience? Hope to see you there. I’m happy to share my list for this week:

61. Celebrating three years of marriage to my husband John. These three years have gone by so quickly, and each new year is even better. I am thankful that we share spiritual and creative passions, as well as a sense of humor and an appreciation for the simple yet finer things in life.

62. A pleasant, creative Mother’s Day afternoon with my mom. We have both become interested in beadwork, after sharing many years of crochet and knitting. We pored over bead catalogs yesterday, and finally came up with a list of beads and findings to order. We both have eyestrain now, but it was fun!

63. Our cat Lucky is finally feeling at home, months after our move to our present apartment. It’s a joy to see him peacefully napping and dreaming on the couch, or watching the birds and squirrels (from a safe distance!) through the terrace door.

Lucky daydreams from a safe distance.

64. A delicious Anniversary/Mother’s Day supper — homemade pizza! My husband made the sauce, complete with black olives, mushrooms and herbs, and I made the whole wheat pizza dough. I topped it with artichoke hearts, capers, crushed red pepper, minced garlic, grated cheese and mozzarella cheese. My mom enjoyed a well-deserved Mother’s Day meal. That’s a yum!!

65. Reaching new readers — from around the world — online. It’s my favorite part of blogging!

Have a blessed week, friends!


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