Five-Minute Friday: Perspective

Today’s Five-Minute Friday prompt is “perspective.” Write a post for five minutes — unedited — and post a link to your blog at The Gypsy Mama. Here goes:

When I was a kid, my artist parents would give me basic drawing lessons: light and shade, rendering, color, and perspective. I was impressed with the way a couple of lines would meet at the center of the page and make the scene look as though it were farther way. Just a couple of lines would change the entire perspective of the drawing.

I learned that I could see more if I backed up and gained a broader perspective. We would go to art museums and look through art books, where I learned about the Impressionists and their ability to place colors side-by-side to create something visible when seen from a distance.

Artists mimic the creative brush strokes of the Master Artist. No one else can see from His perspective, and no one else sees the broad picture that He sees. I must try to remember this more often, as I fret through a crisis or challenge!


Could have said so much more…but since this is Five-Minute Friday, it’ll have to wait for another blog post. Have a blessed weekend!



4 Replies to “Five-Minute Friday: Perspective”

  1. Great post! I love how everyone looks at the word “prospective” from their prospective! I would have never thought of relating the word to art.

    If only we could see as He sees!

  2. Art, one of my passions as well, and you are so right. We only mimic the Master Artist. Oh, but what a wonderful way to see the world….

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