Multitude Monday: 66-73

Please join us with your Multitudes on Mondays gratitude list at A Holy Experience. I’m celebrating simple joys and new beginnings this week:

66. Breathing room, now that I am paying more attention to the kinds of writing I love. It’s good to feel less pressured and more enthusiastic and joyous about my work. Thanks to my husband for encouraging me to slow down.

67. A simple spaghetti sauce, with just a few ingredients, that turned out great!

68. Watching our cat sleep next to me as I sit at my computer. He’ll sleep for a while, get up, stretch, and turn around and go back to sleep. I wonder if he is actually sleeping as he does this?

69. Dark chocolate — this time, 85% cocoa — as a healthy snack! Can’t beat that!

70. A “girls’ day out” with my mom, shopping for clothes and whatever!

71. The humming of the fan in our living room, almost lulling me to sleep as I write this.

72.  My husband and I have a new church home, where we feel the presence of Christ everywhere. Shared a blessed, beautiful morning with other members of our RCIA class.

73. Fresh jalapeno-cheddar bread from our favorite bakery. A winning Sunday tradition is born — church, then bakery! Next week, we’ll try the olive bread…or maybe the sourdough baguette…or…

To be continued next Monday…have a wonderful week!


8 Replies to “Multitude Monday: 66-73”

  1. Oh, I do miss my RCIA classes! We moved to another church when we moved to another city, and it’s just not the same. I had an incredible Catechism teacher and no one else can compare. AS a result, I stopped services… However, I’m planning on returning, even if I’m not thrilled with the church. I miss Mass!

  2. I love his Judith. You will never know how you inspire me with the simple things in life. “A loaf of bread from the bakery.” You remind to slow it down and take a breath. Thanks for sharing and have not forgotten award. Trying to do some catch up and will be back later today to collect. Again thanks so much for it. God Bless, SR

  3. This is really cool. My husband and I have also come to the realization that we need to just slow down a breathe. Nothing bad is going to happen if we slow down, but we will definitely enjoy life more 🙂


    1. You’re so right, Lisha. I have to remind myself that if the world comes to an end, it won’t be because I took an afternoon off! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.

  4. I am happy, I have found your blog. You are sharing wonderful thoughts. I did not know there was a Multitude Monday. Maybe, after the school year is over, I can join in the inspiraton. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. An inspiration as always, Judith. I am still searching for that elusive church community, but I know the Holy Spirit will lead me to the right one….

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