Thursday Favorite Things: Jewelry In Progress

The other evening, I was relaxing and watching TV after writing all day. I hadn’t worked on any crafts or art work for a while, so I brought out my bead and string collection. I had started work on a necklace several weeks earlier, but hadn’t touched it since then. I have used mostly colorful acrylic beads, but decided to add a couple of small silver beads as an accent.

My mom recently ordered an assortment of beads, from wood to acrylic to pewter — and she said, as I sat with my nose in the computer, “I hope you’ll make time to have some fun with the beads.” I can’t wait to see what I can do with new colors and materials! As we approach Pentecost Sunday at our church — commemorating the day when the Holy Spirit came to the disciples, I am happy to feel renewed in my creative spirit. Here is the current necklace-in-progress:

Join us at Katherine’s Corner and this week’s co-host, My Turn (for us) for Thursday Favorite Things…see you there!

Thursday Favorite Things


11 Replies to “Thursday Favorite Things: Jewelry In Progress”

  1. I love this Judith and thank you so much for sharing with us so many God given talents which you have. Most of all for sharing how you are “renewed” in spirit daily with us. God Bless, SR

    1. Well, in our society we’re taught that arts and crafts are a pastime or a luxury, but I’m learning that creativity is essential for the soul. Thank you, SR, for your kind words. God Bless!

  2. You are so right, Judith. We cannot stop following our creative inspirations. After, they are talents God gave us. What a waste to not use them!

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