Multitude Monday: 74-84

It’s a great way to begin the week…please join us for Multitudes on Mondays at A Holy Experience.

74. I am grateful beyond words to all who have sacrificed their lives for our country, from the early patriots who died in the 1775 “shot heard round the world” to the present day. Thank you all for your service.

75. I wrote poetry this week for the first time in months. The creative side of my brain appreciates that! I am realizing how much I missed the community of poet-bloggers, and it’s wonderful to be back.

76. The chance to witness God’s love among His people. I attended my first RCIA class last week and my first Mass this week. And what a week to begin attending church — the Feast of Pentecost. So much singing and rejoicing in the Holy Spirit, celebrating the gifts of the Spirit. My husband and I were so blessed today.

77. As usual, a trip to the bakery after church. We bought an olive loaf and a sour dough baguette, and enjoyed fresh, warm bread when we got home.

78. Watching the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs on TV!

79. Quiet moments alone, sipping a cup of sweetened lemon balm tea. Even the steam is soothing. Maybe a muffin, too.

80. My new commitment to writing “morning pages” every day…and sticking with it!

81. Our cat warming up the sofa for me as he takes a nap.

82.Listening to some incredibly talented Texas singers and songwriters. Amazing talent in this state!

83. Enjoying fresh vegetables and herbs from my brother-in-law and his wife’s garden. Can’t beat the flavor of garden-fresh veggies!

84. Air conditioning. It’s Texas. It’s almost June, and it’ll be close to 100 degrees later this week. Yes, I am most grateful for AC and electricity.

I hope to see you at Multitudes on Mondays. Please take time to be grateful this Memorial Day!


3 Replies to “Multitude Monday: 74-84”

  1. I love your Monday post. Well I love all of them, but your Monday’s always get my motor in gear for the rest of the week. God Bless, SR

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