Multitude Monday: 85-91


Many thanks to Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience for hosting Multitudes on Mondays. Hope you’ll join us with your gratitude list. This past week, my husband and I examined our hearts and reconsidered some of our decisions and assumptions about our faith. We paused on the path, made some adjustments, and are continuing in our walk. This post is a reflection of all that praying and pondering.

I am grateful for:

85. That intangible check in my spirit that prompts me to reconsider decisions. Even if I feel foolish, I know that the “still small voice” speaks the truth. As a person who is always learning, I will always make mistakes, and I pray that the mistakes will help make me wiser. And I am grateful for the friends who remain my friends as I stumble and regain my footing.

86. The reminder that my faith is based on relationship, not a religion, a building, or a checklist. I am blessed that my prayers go from my heart to God’s ear, and that God knows my heart better than any individual or committee.

87. Yesterday’s loving, honest, early morning conversation with my husband that brought us closer — and closer to the Lord.

88. On a lighter note — relearning those macrame knots, and experimenting with beaded crochet and knitting. How fun!

89. City buses, which make possible future shopping trips to Goodwill, in search of beads, fabric and other craft goodies.

90. The ability and opportunity to write for pay.

91. Finally made over-easy eggs without breaking the yolks!

Have a blessed week, friends…see you next Monday!


2 Replies to “Multitude Monday: 85-91”

  1. I agree with your decisions Judy! Structured religion I have learned in my heart kind of takes away from God which I believe now He wants us to have, a heart for Him, rather than jumping through a bunch of doctrinal hoops that are silly…how will we all come to know the one true God who resides in our hearts than live by a standard that is contrary to how we feel. I think you and I have made a wise decision to take from the best for learning’s sake, and leave the details to God. Excellent post dear!!

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