Mary Garden Update

I mentioned our new Mary garden project in a post last month, and I just wanted to share this update. May was a hectic month, so we didn’t really add plants to the garden until last week. We bought some herbs associated with the Virgin Mary:

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), known as “Mary’s Rose”, and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), known as “Mary’s Humility”:

Rosemary (left) and Thyme (right)

Traditionally known as an herb of protection, rosemary adds a pine-like fragrance to the terrace. Rosemary is a versatile culinary and medicinal herb. For example, its aroma has a clarifying, rejuvenating effect, and a tea made from its leaves can soothe an upset stomach. Thyme is a traditional cough remedy and disinfectant, and of course, it tastes wonderful with fish or chicken. Its fragrance combines with that of rosemary when we have a cool breeze on the terrace.

We also added a collection of succulents, including Aloe Vera and Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum). Although these plants are not traditionally associated with Mary, we thought they belonged in a garden in this Texas climate.

Assorted Succulents

My husband enjoys the early mornings here, and I like to fuss with the decorations during the day. Haven’t decided the final placement for everything, but there will be more plants in the future. My husband’s daughter and my stepdaughter gave us these pretty wind chimes and hummingbird feeders:

I especially like the way the colors of our wind chimes reflect on this statue:

Mary Garden Colors

More pictures to come as we add to our garden. Have a wonderful weekend…take time to enjoy the beauty around you!


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