Review: The Artist’s Way Toolkit

I jumped at the chance to review The Artist’s Way Toolkit, which is an online version of The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron. The invitation from BlogHer Book Club arrived as I was returning to my roots as a creative writer. The Toolkit contains a collection of resources and exercises, such as Creativity Pages, Morning Pages, Artist Dates and Affirmations, designed to unblock creativity. Exercises help the recovering artist identify and heal from sources of shame and blockage.  An Artist’s Way Contract encourages us to follow through with the program.

I read the book The Artist’s Way a few years ago, and at first wondered if I would enjoy the online version as much as the paperback. I work at the computer all day as a freelance writer, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend even more time online. However, I now keep the Toolkit open in a separate tab as I work at my computer. Every so often, I click onto the Toolkit and remind myself that my commitment to “make time” to write poetry, crochet and do bead work is a worthy commitment. Unfortunately, I occasionally skip my Morning Pages, which are a central part of the Artist’s Way Toolkit. These pages have led to important breakthroughs, and I hope to be more consistent in the future.

I highly recommend The Artist’s Way Toolkit for anyone who needs to heal and unblock their creativity. That’s most of us, I think!

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Disclaimer: I received compensation from BlogHer Book Club to review The Artist’s Way Toolkit. All opinions in this review are my own, and I was not obligated to write a positive review.


5 Replies to “Review: The Artist’s Way Toolkit”

  1. I have been doing freelance work (which, sadly in my case mostly ends up being content writing) for the last year or so, and I can relate to judging something by “how much more time would this require me to spend on the computer?” because I worry about my eyes a lot and my soul to an extent..but it’s good to know that there things out there that make another writer say “yes, this is worth more time by this screen.” I’m glad I found your blog 🙂

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