Five Minute Friday: Comfort


Welcome to Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. Each week, we write for five minutes from a prompt. This week’s prompt is “comfort”…here goes:


After weeks of worry, appointments, tests and more worry, I receive an invitation to a prayer circle. I loosen my grip on the day. I exhale into my prayer and melt into God’s arms. There are no words…only comfort.

Husband watches me rush headlong into my fears, and I see his heart in his eyes. He knows what it is to worry, and what it is to comfort. My hand is small in his grasp.

Five minutes later, I remember who I am, and that I love the lake shore, a chilly breeze on my face, and the smell of caramel corn. Those days are coming, and they comfort us as we wait for smooth waters and sparkling days. With the click of a mouse, we see our future, and we imagine the possibilities that comfort us.


My five minutes are up. Hope you’ll join us!


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