Multitude Monday: 109-116

It has been too long, and there is so much to say. When life and its worries became overwhelming, I tightened my grip, choosing to white-knuckle my way through challenges. How much better it is to turn worries into worship! This week, I continue my list for Multitudes on Mondays at A Holy Experience after a long absence, choosing gratitude over gritting my teeth. Here it is:

109.) This week’s invitation to a prayer circle. This invitation began my turnaround from worry toward gratitude. I thank the ladies at Ruby for Women for that email invitation, and for a wonderful community.

110.) Fourth wedding anniversary today! Thankful for my husband John, and for many more years of friendship and love. When we first met, I knew that God had his fingerprints all over this relationship!

111.) The many guest speakers at Saddleback Church the past couple of months. Their inspired words have helped the church community heal, and have helped me discern callings I hadn’t previously recognized. Even though I am part of the online campus, I feel a strong connection to Saddleback as the church heals from loss.

112.) Refreshing, cooler than normal May weather. In Texas, this only comes after thunder and hail.

113.) Writing opportunities that line up with my certificate in fitness. Now I can fill in that writer portfolio!

114.) Healthy but yummy foods…like these quinoa cakes! They taste extra good because the quinoa is toasted first.

quinoa cakes

115.) Watching the NBA playoffs with my husband and my mom. Go Spurs!

116.) Pizza that arrived late.  Amazing how God can use late pizza to teach me and lift my spirits! I wanted to treat my mom to pizza and a movie this Mother’s Day, so I ordered online. We waited an hour and a half, and I was beating myself up because I couldn’t make things turn out “right”…silly, but true! My husband arrived home from a visit with his mom, and still no pizza. Well, the pizza arrived after I called and asked about the order…and we got an extra free pizza because it was late! Things were not as they seemed, and turned out better than originally expected! Hmm, could be some wisdom to that 🙂

That’s my list for this week. Hope you’ll link up with your list!



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