Wordless Wednesday: A Texas Terrace Garden

Thursday Favorite Things 

We have new cacti and succulents in our container garden. They belonged to my mother-in-law Connie until she moved to a new home, so my brother-in-law Mark and his wife Susan brought the plants to us! I’m sharing this post for Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy.  Join us!






Also shared at Dagmar’s Home and Thursday Favorite Things at Katherine’s Corner.


11 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: A Texas Terrace Garden”

  1. Very nice! We used to have a blooming cactus that only bloomed at night, it was taller than me and I loved it so!!! We’re up north now, so we don’t see any of those anymore. It was nice to see yours.

  2. Thanks, friends! I used to live in New Hampshire where the four seasons helped me make sense out of gardening. Here in Texas, the only plants I’ve grown successfully have been succulents and cacti.

  3. Love them! I’ve got loads of succulents inside, and other plants outside, as you know! I’m thrilled with how well things are growing this year. It may be the best yet! Enjoy your new cacti and succulents! 😀

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