Multitude Monday: 135-140


Happy first week of summer, friends! Some of my reasons for gratitude this week:

135. Aroma of spaghetti sauce from the kitchen…not just any sauce, but my husband John’s awesome sauce. He’s a terrific cook, and he hasn’t been able to cook since his surgery a month ago.


So we worked together to get the ingredients in the pot for lunch.


Smells amazing in here!

136. Refreshment and renewal that comes with changing seasons.

137. Answered prayers and confirmation. Hope for our future!

138. Enjoying the weekend with John, pursuing our photography interests.

pre supermoon 2013

Practicing with different settings to take pictures of the night sky…


…and new crape myrtles in the terrace garden.

139. Going grocery shopping with my mom. It’s always a fun day out for us…she has a way of making ordinary days fun!

140. Green grass and green trees…a very big deal now that we’ve had rain here in south Texas. Everything had been brown and crispy the previous couple of summers. We had no idea how pretty the view was from our living room window until now!

Join us at A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays!


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