Multitude Monday: 141-147


Been blessed in so many ways this week. Hope you’ll join us with  your gratitude list at A Holy Experience!

141. Working on a new blog with my husband John. I love the fact that we enjoy working on creative endeavors together!

142. Connecting with my Flagstaff, AZ friends. Looking forward to visiting soon, we hope!

143. Recognizing new ways to serve and encourage, ways to reach out with my faith.

144. John’s recovery from surgery…he felt well enough to do some cooking this morning!

145. Getting back to my fitness routine after about a month off. Ouch!

146. Unexpectedly ran across Beethoven’s 9th on the radio. That was a pleasant surprise…love Beethoven!

147. Chai latte…I especially love the flavors of cloves and cinnamon. Enjoying a cup as I write!


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