Five-Minute Friday: Beautiful


“Beautiful,” I’ve thought in recent weeks. The way the flag snaps in the breeze on a summer afternoon, reminds me of school days just before summer vacation, when my attention was drawn outside, where the flag waved in the sunny schoolyard.

“Beautiful,” I realize, and I pick up the camera because my husband reminds me to take beautiful pictures.

It’s a long holiday weekend, spent recalling our shared sacrifices that forged a nation. We eat picnic food and watch fireworks…how beautiful the shimmering sparkles look against the spreading haze of smoke…the smokey halo around the Washington Monument as the 1812 Overture blasts in celebration.

Wounded warriors — some with invisible wounds — salute the flag without fail. My husband proudly puts up the flag every morning, even as he heals from his own wounds as a Veteran.

The sun shines on a long holiday weekend, and heroes from two centuries ago smile on us. What do they see from their vantage point?



5 minute friday

Written for Five-Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. This week’s prompt is “Beautiful”…hope you will join us and write for 5-minutes — nonstop with no editing. Fun!


7 Replies to “Five-Minute Friday: Beautiful”

  1. Wonderful post on freedom, liberty, and our beautiful nation. Without hesitation I thank you for speaking up for veterans with invisible wounds. You, are a blessing for us all. I love you Judy!!!

  2. Ahhh. Your post brings tears to my eyes.
    Agreed, the flag snapping in the breeze…….beautiful!
    Thanks for reminding us of this visible and invisible beauty with which we are blessed every day.

  3. Freedom, sweet freedom. I don’t know if it is my computer only but the top photo did not display.. could be a temporary glitch.. I wanted to let you know. I do love your words, straight from your beautiful heart xx

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