Multitude Monday: 148-155


As I write this, we’re watching the agonizingly slow progression of rain toward our region. Here in South Central Texas, even a hint of rain is a reason for gratitude! Why not celebrate the simple gifts with us at Multitudes on Monday at A Holy Experience?

rain 08102012

148. Microwave stopped working. Why am I happy about this? Because I had forgotten how delicious bacon smells when it’s sizzling in a skillet!


149. Cooking dinners with my mom. We’ve enjoyed this since I was a kid, and always will!

150. Thunderstorms in the forecast all week…much needed rain and cooler temperatures (well, cool compared with 100+ degrees!).

151. My husband John is getting stronger almost 2 months after surgery…finally able to enjoy photography again, like he did in this picture from before surgery šŸ™‚

DSC_0144 compressed

153. Looking forward to traveling with John and visiting friends…praying that we can do this later his year.

154. Quiet Sunday afternoon, enjoying crochet instead of the computer!

155. Studying for my social media professional certification…fun!


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