Book Review: Pathways to Illumination, by Christy Birmingham

Are you in the middle of a healing journey and wonder if you’ll ever find your way through your depression? Maybe, like most of us at times, you just feel stuck in a pattern, grieving from an old but still-raw wound. A well-written poem has a way of providing a fresh perspective on familiar circumstances. Written after the end of a toxic relationship, Christy Birmingham’s Pathways to Illumination is a poetry collection that in many ways tells every woman’s healing story.

Ms. Birmingham’s poetry turns everyday images into rich, soul-baring verse — such as these lines from “Lint in Your Pocket”:

 You used me like lint in your pocket

And sent me to the trash, for the hour that

You took her to our bed.

In “Self-Publish,” the author — like many of us — bumps into daunting challenges as she celebrates a fresh start:

I had hoped the plot was fiction, but the

Characters are real,

As real as the ink on medical bills

That rest for a moment at my writing desk.

I highly recommend Pathways to Illumination to any woman — or man — searching for an inspiring, encouraging read.  As Ms. Birmingham reminds us in “What If,” we can choose to “fill a blank page with positive words.” These poems convey a contagious determination to embrace the future in spite of the past. Whether it’s appreciating nature’s beauty or reflecting on lessons learned, Pathways to Illumination is a welcome companion on the healing journey.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Pathways of Illumination in exchange for writing a review. I was not required to write a positive review; all opinions in this review are my own.


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