Five-Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday

Here we are at Five-Minute Friday again! This week’s prompt is “broken.” All you have to do is write from the prompt for five nonstop minutes — no edits, just keep writing. Then go to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog to share your post and read other five-minute writes!

Here we go…


“The X-ray looks great,” the neurosurgeon smiled during my husband’s 8-week followup. “The bones are fusing as they should…”

I didn’t have to hear more. After the words “looks great,” my attention drifted into comfortable, easygoing gratitude.

But what about the broken pieces of the past two months? The trauma was almost too much to bear for us at times. Changing bandages was a mystery to me those first two weeks. Our hearts broke two or three times, at least, as we negotiated the foreign highways of recovery, walkers, neck braces and pills.

Our cat didn’t miss a beat when John first came home. Ready for a lap, Lucky’s head tilted upward, puzzled. For a cat, a broken routine is not a small thing.

We hand the broken pieces to each other, and then to the One who heals all wounds, and make our plans.


There! It’s always a pleasure to read other Five-Minute Friday posts. Hope you’ll join the writing party!







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