Recommended Blog: “A Walk To Emmaus”

If you are looking for an encouraging read, I highly recommend a relatively new blog called A Walk to Emmaus, by my sister-in-law, sister-in-Christ and friend, Lori Davis. The blog had its first post in November, 2013, and it promises to be a valuable addition to the blogosphere.

The blog begins with a nine-part series called “Here I Am,” in which Lori takes us on a spiritual journey as she shares her experience at a Walk to Emmaus event. You will find words of wisdom in every post, from the anxious weeks on the waiting list to the first day of the Walk to Emmaus itself. I particularly liked the post in which she compares the weeks of anticipation to childhood Christmas memories.

When I read a faith-based book or a blog, I like to be able to recognize some of my own journey in the story. Reading a A Walk to Emmaus is like sitting down to tea with a good and wise friend. Written with generosity and humility, every post gives me reasons to feel hopeful about my own spiritual walk.  I hope you’ll pay this blog a visit.



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