Multitude Monday: 171-177


Join us as we share our gratitude every Monday. It’s a great way to begin the week! Here is my gratitude list for this week:

171. The legacy of Martin Luther King. On this special day, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. As I was growing up in Yonkers, N.Y., my parents supported his work and taught me the importance of his life. I was only seven years old when he died, but his teachings inspired me during my childhood and continue to guide me today.

172. A visit to the San Antonio Mission Trail, one of our favorite places to spend a Sunday afternoon.

San Juan cross
Wooden cross at Mission San Juan in San Antonio, Texas.

173. This fellow visitor to Mission San Juan, who stayed nearby until I could take his picture.

San Juan Mockingbird

174. A letter from our sponsored child in Ghana. We have a picture she drew on our refrigerator. As my mom says, “every refrigerator should have a child’s drawing on it!”

175. Great books by great writers who continue to teach through the decades. A copy of Hemingway’s A Movable Feast, which my husband is reading, lies on our coffee table. I learn about writing even when I just pick up the book and read a few random pages.

176. Unusually warm weather for this time of year (even in South Central Texas), after a cold snap a few of weeks ago.

177. Some relief today from the mountain cedar pollen, which has been inundating our area. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the season!

And I hope you’ll join us at A Holy Experience, where you can read more gratitude lists and maybe share yours. Have a wonderful week!




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