Book Review: The Chopped Cookbook, by the Food Network Kitchen


So many times I have looked in the pantry or refrigerator and wondered how to use the ingredients I have on hand. It often seems as though the recipe I want to try needs the one ingredient I don’t have. I needed a resource to show me how to make the most of what’s already in my kitchen. When I learned that the Food Network Kitchen had created a cookbook based on the series Chopped, I jumped at the chance to read and review the book.

The Chopped Cookbook contains recipes and guides that explain how to “use what you’ve got to cook something great.” For example, the section called “Ten Fun Pan Sauces” lists the proportions of aromatics, deglazing liquid, main liquid, richness and finishing flavors that make a great pan sauce. “Completely Fun Ways to Cook Vegetables” offers fresh and creative recipes for veggie dishes. There are similar sections for vinaigrettes and salad dressings, vegetables, grains, pot roast and many other dishes.

I have tried some of the recipes and can’t wait to try more. The recipes in The Chopped Cookbook are surprisingly easy to prepare, so looking through the book gives me confidence to try new flavor combinations. My family loved the Buttery Roasted Potatoes With Wilted Spinach, and I loved the easy recipe. In the Chopped spirit, my husband made a few substitutions and made his own version of the Slow-Cooked Salmon With Olive Breadcrumb Sprinkle.

Whether you are a veteran cook or a newcomer to the kitchen, you will find inspiration from The Chopped Cookbook. I highly recommend this cookbook for anyone who loves to create great food!

For more inspiration, you can read about the Food Network Kitchen or order The Chopped Cookbook.

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.


2 Replies to “Book Review: The Chopped Cookbook, by the Food Network Kitchen”

  1. Superbly written dear Judith and an incredible way in which to view our kitchen ingredients using what we have to create beautiful, healthy, and great tasting dishes. Thanks ever so much for sharing this book with me. I had a blast improvising!!!!

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