Compassion Bloggers: Back to School!



The phrase “back to school” always brought mixed emotions when I was a child. Summer was over, and that meant the end of days at the beach, homework-free nights, and sleeping late. On the other hand, I was excited to start the new school year in the next grade and see friends I had missed during vacation. Even now, I feel that indescribable pang when Labor Day weekend rolls around.

As a child sponsor through Compassion International, I am especially aware of the blessings that education provides for children in developing countries. In developing countries, for example, only 66 percent of primary school-age children attend school, compared with nearly 80 percent worldwide. Only 49 percent of secondary school-age children worldwide attend school, and more than half of the children who do not attend school worldwide are girls.

“Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”

Isaiah 60:1

The important role of education in releasing children from poverty is a major reason why I sponsor a child through Compassion International. The organization’s holistic approach includes educational opportunities, health care and instruction, and life-skills training. Sponsors write letters to their sponsored children, and let the children know that they are valued in a world that can seem so cold and dismissive.

Compassion International’s Christ-centered programs motivate and encourage children to reach for the stars!

You can learn more about Compassion International by visiting the organization’s website and reading about its Holistic Child Development Model.  Here’s to a blessed and inspiring school year around the world!




5 Replies to “Compassion Bloggers: Back to School!”

  1. Excellent post Judith! You are truly a genuine soul who truly cares for those in need. Education is and should be a global responsibility as well as for each of us to assist any manner possible for children to be granted this wonderful privilege (and need). I enjoy all your posts because you write and speak from a very special place.

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