Book Review: And Then Came a Lion, by Cecilia Marie Pulliam



In her novel And Then Came a Lion, Cecilia Marie Pulliam introduces us to Susannah Carlson, a young girl who has premonitions about child abductions. As Susannah matures into a young woman, she repeatedly risks her life by acting on these premonitions to save children from horrific crimes. Eventually she must decide whether to reveal these premonitions to those who are dearest to her. Throughout the story, which takes the reader from the northwestern United States to Africa, Susannah is faced with gut-wrenching choices and life-or-death decisions.

Ms. Pulliam deftly and creatively weaves this gripping tale, building suspense and prompting yet another late-night turn of the page. As I read the book, I found myself close to tears at some moments, and rejoicing at others. Susannah Carlson is a believable and admirable character. As I got to know her friends and family, I cared about them and felt like I knew them. The descriptions of Africa are vivid and breathtaking, and made me want to visit that continent.

I highly recommend And Then Came a Lion by Cecilia Marie Pulliam. The pace of the story builds suspense and places the reader in the middle of the sometimes terrifying, sometimes beautiful scenes. At times the story will break your heart, but like many good heroic tales, triumphs are often accompanied by heartache. I look forward to reading the next novel by Ms. Pulliam.

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6 Replies to “Book Review: And Then Came a Lion, by Cecilia Marie Pulliam”

  1. This books sounds ever so intriguing Judith! I have read many reviews and delighted to know I as well will be purchasing my own copy. Your review has prompted me to act sooner than later. The main character sounds as if the heroine type and the descriptions of our natural environment create a great place to carry on a novel. I only wish I could visit Africa one day.

    I especially enjoyed your comment as the book being “a late night turn of the page,” which sounds as if quite enchanting. Thanks for sharing your review. I am off to purchase my own copy.

  2. Oh my, Judith. I am blushing and smiling and saying,” Oh my”, over and over again. Your review made me cry (in a good way). This is what every author hopes to accomplish through their work. Thank you. Book Two: Lions Among Lambs, will be published before the end of the year.

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