Thursday Favorite Things: My Favorite Bake Ware

Glad to take part in Thursday Favorite Things at Katherine’s Corner!

Thursday Favorite Things
My favorite things often have something to do with food! I love to bake, whether it’s whole wheat bread or individual peach cobblers. My dear husband John gave me this stoneware baking set for Christmas, and it’s my all-time favorite! It’s oven-, microwave- and freezer-safe, and it’s really easy to clean, even though it has a carved pattern on the inside surface. It comes with a wrought iron stand for storage, so I keep the set on our kitchen counter.


One of the first things I made with this set was single-serving peach cobblers in the ramekins. I especially like the lids that snap on so that dishes can go right into the fridge after a meal.  And the sage green color looks pretty with some of my favorite foods, like butternut squash!


Hope you’ll join us at Thursday Favorite Things. Have a great week!


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