Five-Minute Friday: Last

Five Minute Friday

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “last.” At Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, we gather each week to share our nonstop, unedited, five-minute writes. Hope you’ll join us!

Here’s mine:


The last thing I remember before falling asleep is the peace of hearing you breathing. The last thing I remember before waking up is the remnants of a dream I don’t even remember.

Now that I am wise for my years, I know what is made to last: memories of laughter as a child, the soft beauty of grass under my feet, love that took a lifetime to find. When I drink in an exquisite sunset with its orange symphony, the wonder of colors lingers into the next morning.

When I meditate on the truths that set me free, that bring peace and joy, and grace and mercy, I learn that these are the things that are made to last.

With a humble and quiet heart, I see God’s gifts with new eyes every morning, no matter what dreams disturbed my sleep. I thank God that the last thing I hear is your peaceful breathing, and my thankful prayers.

Five-Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday

Here we are at Five-Minute Friday again! This week’s prompt is “broken.” All you have to do is write from the prompt for five nonstop minutes — no edits, just keep writing. Then go to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog to share your post and read other five-minute writes!

Here we go…


“The X-ray looks great,” the neurosurgeon smiled during my husband’s 8-week followup. “The bones are fusing as they should…”

I didn’t have to hear more. After the words “looks great,” my attention drifted into comfortable, easygoing gratitude.

But what about the broken pieces of the past two months? The trauma was almost too much to bear for us at times. Changing bandages was a mystery to me those first two weeks. Our hearts broke two or three times, at least, as we negotiated the foreign highways of recovery, walkers, neck braces and pills.

Our cat didn’t miss a beat when John first came home. Ready for a lap, Lucky’s head tilted upward, puzzled. For a cat, a broken routine is not a small thing.

We hand the broken pieces to each other, and then to the One who heals all wounds, and make our plans.


There! It’s always a pleasure to read other Five-Minute Friday posts. Hope you’ll join the writing party!






Five-Minute Friday: Belong


On Fridays, we gather at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog to share our five-minute writes!  All you have to do is write to the prompt for five minutes, no edits. This week’s prompt is “belong.”

Here I go!


Something about the word “belong”…it started in second grade, when I was old enough to know who belonged and who didn’t. School is a harsh place for the word belonging, especially for a shy, sensitive only child who wanted so badly to belong.

She went home every afternoon, where she could rest and find her haven from the cliques and backbiters. She listened to her parents’ soothing records, and learned to love violin music.

The first place she belonged, outside of home, was in the orchestra, where the conductor did his best to enlighten young artistic minds.

Later, as her hair grayed, she found the Master Artist, who had created her from his own colors, who guided her heart to true love.

With Him we all belong.


That’s my five-minute write for this week. See you next Friday!

Five-Minute Friday: Present

Five Minute Friday

This week’s prompt is present. Just write for five minutes, no editing, no second-guessing. Then join us at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog for more Five Minute Friday!

Here I go…


Lucky watching

My brain is still on fire from  week of writing, deadlines and more writing. It’s Friday evening and I am letting the dust settle. My husband has already gone to sleep. Sweet dreams!

Maybe I’ll watch some TV…no, maybe I’ll just read. Wait, our cat Lucky has his catnip mouse and looks at me with that “I’m just a poor kitty” expression. I feel guilty when I pretend I don’t see him. Poor kitty, I think, you don’t know what it’s like to have brain overload and need to sit still and do nothing.

Lucky finally hops onto the back of the couch and rests with his head in the space between the cushions. I can hear him sigh. I watch his eyelids close and he drifts into a nap as I quietly reach for the TV remote. Poor kitty. The catnip mouse lies on the floor, covered in kitty saliva.

I see familiar faces from sitcom reruns…a little bored, I wonder what Lucky’s doing. His eyes are half open as he watches me watch TV. He squints twice and begins to purr, and I thank him for this present!


That’s my five-minute write. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Five Minute Friday: Comfort


Welcome to Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. Each week, we write for five minutes from a prompt. This week’s prompt is “comfort”…here goes:


After weeks of worry, appointments, tests and more worry, I receive an invitation to a prayer circle. I loosen my grip on the day. I exhale into my prayer and melt into God’s arms. There are no words…only comfort.

Husband watches me rush headlong into my fears, and I see his heart in his eyes. He knows what it is to worry, and what it is to comfort. My hand is small in his grasp.

Five minutes later, I remember who I am, and that I love the lake shore, a chilly breeze on my face, and the smell of caramel corn. Those days are coming, and they comfort us as we wait for smooth waters and sparkling days. With the click of a mouse, we see our future, and we imagine the possibilities that comfort us.


My five minutes are up. Hope you’ll join us!

Five-Minute Friday: Here

Five Minute Friday

This week’s prompt for Five-Minute Friday is HERE. Join us and share your five minutes of edit-free writing! Here’s my contribution for this week:


Today I wrote on the razor’s edge. The delete button should be here, but I can’t find it. I want to delete my blogs, delete my poems….delete myself. I am crying out but do not even realize it until I remember that He created me. I am supposed to be here. Confusion, fear and the unknown press in, but I am here because He is here. Just can’t seem to find that delete button. Reluctantly, I start a new post and look for new titles to write.

Our cat snoozes under the desk and his ear flicks away an itch. I watch the day draw to an end and imagine how contented our cat must be, living from nap to nap, knowing that every need is met. As I watch the neighbors walk their dog in the dry, crunchy grass, I curl up in His presence and ease into the writing, contented to get out of the way and let the words flow. Evening is here and I am still writing. My dear husband sleeps in the next room after a day of too much thinking. And the One who covers us all is here. Immanuel.

Five-Minute Friday: Perspective

Today’s Five-Minute Friday prompt is “perspective.” Write a post for five minutes — unedited — and post a link to your blog at The Gypsy Mama. Here goes:

When I was a kid, my artist parents would give me basic drawing lessons: light and shade, rendering, color, and perspective. I was impressed with the way a couple of lines would meet at the center of the page and make the scene look as though it were farther way. Just a couple of lines would change the entire perspective of the drawing.

I learned that I could see more if I backed up and gained a broader perspective. We would go to art museums and look through art books, where I learned about the Impressionists and their ability to place colors side-by-side to create something visible when seen from a distance.

Artists mimic the creative brush strokes of the Master Artist. No one else can see from His perspective, and no one else sees the broad picture that He sees. I must try to remember this more often, as I fret through a crisis or challenge!


Could have said so much more…but since this is Five-Minute Friday, it’ll have to wait for another blog post. Have a blessed weekend!